9th Africa Tax Symposium

The upcoming 9th Africa Tax Symposium anticipates thought-provoking examination of crucial issues shaping the fiscal landscape. The programme will explore international tax intricacies, analysing recent developments and emerging issues. 

During the symposium, panelists will shine a spotlight on the pressing issues surrounding Africa’s response to the Global Minimum Tax, tax treaty and transfer pricing developments within the continent demanding adept navigation through the complexities of legislation and policy shifts. Trade, investment, and domestic resource mobilisation in Africa will also be discussed, exploring opportunities, obstacles, and practical perspectives pivotal for fostering economic growth. The symposium will conclude with a reflection on Africa's capacity to shape the international tax agenda in an era of evolving fiscal paradigms.

The symposium promises once again to be a crucible of thought leadership and practical insights, propelling Africa towards a more resilient and equitable tax future.

For more information about the speakers, registration details, and programme, please visit the event site