Part 2: Cross Regional Workshop: Re-Invigorating Tax Collections and Restoring Compliance Post COVID-19

The workshop is a joint initiative with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Center (PFTAC), South Asia Regional Training and Technical Assistance Center (SARTTAC) and the Pacific Islands Tax Administrators Association (PITAA) Secretariat.

The purpose of the workshop will be to provide a forum for developing responses to the tasks of recovering revenue collections and taxpayer compliance to pre-COVID-19 crisis levels, including development of an action plan relevant to identified aspects of revenue collection and taxpayer compliance. An aim is also to lay the groundwork for peer-to-peer support and sharing of issues and resolutions across regions. The workshop will focus on the tourism sector as it is one of the most severely impacted sectors from the COVID-19 crisis which has led, to significant issues in administration in those countries that are highly dependent on revenue from this sector.

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