Taxpayers Education Engagement

Realization of effective domestic resource mobilization by African countries is dependent on a number of factors some being simplification of tax laws and tax systems backed with knowledge and education which is expected to enhance taxpayers understanding of existing tax systems. This subsequently increases voluntary tax compliance, not only increasing revenue, but also reducing operational costs of the revenue collection agencies.
Therefore, taxpayer’s awareness and knowledge have direct impact on tax administration and improves domestic resource mobilization (DRM) furthering economic growth and development. The workshop is targeting to improve the approaches revenue administration employ to reach-out to taxpayers through education and awareness campaigns. Particularly this year, participants will share country experiences on how they measure impact from the approaches they use to reach out to the general public, and their peers will use the opportunity to give them constructive feedback. Ideal participants would be heads of taxpayer education units or designated senior officials in functions that closely work with taxpayers.

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