ATAF Women in Tax Network (AWITN) Leadership Conference

The Role of Tax Policy and Leadership in Addressing Gender Inequality in Africa
Under the auspices of the African Tax Administration Forum, the ATAF Women In Tax Network is organizing its annual leadership conference which will be a high-level discourse on “The Role of Tax Policy and Leadership In Addressing Gender Inequality in Africa”. Pursuant to establishment of a harmonious balance and link between tax policy and gender, participants will engage in a dialogue to examine strategies towards this vision and provide innovative solutions for Africa’s decision-makers for equality and equity of legal and administrative tax provisions.
Responding to the objectives of the ATAF Women In Tax Network (AWITN) and the Sustainable Development Goal 5, tax policymakers’, leaders in tax and revenue administration, and development partners’ discussions during the virtual conference will be delivered on four key thematic areas namely: The Divergent Impact of Tax Policy & Leadership Decisions on Gender equality in Africa; Addressing Traditional Gender Roles & Stereotypes Fuelling Gender Imbalance; The Harmonious Link: Creating The Tax-Gender Nexus; and The Gender-sustainable Infrastructure Nexus.

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