NTO Webinar on Tax & Gender

Focusing on Mainstreaming Gender in Tax Administrations

The Network of Tax Organisations (NTO) will host a webinar on tax and gender on 27th April 2023: more information on the programme and a flyer in English, French, and Spanish can be found here.

Gender equality is not only an end in itself, but it helps countries achieve a sustainable economy, higher levels of productivity, and better prospects for the next generation. However, at the moment, countries rely on regressive tax structures which negatively affect women's livelihoods, while forgoing revenue from large and transnational corporations as well as high net-worth individuals due to tax incentives and inefficient enforcement.

The fiscal system can be a strong tool to address gender inequality. Contributing to the international dialogue on the intersection between taxation and gender, our webinar will focus on gender mainstreaming in tax administrations.

Country case studies from Pakistan and Zambia as well as a regional perspective from the African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF) and its Women in Tax Network (AWITN) will contribute to closing the gender inequality knowledge gap and foster close collaboration and an exchange of best practices for sustainable development.