All-African panel at the CIAT Technical Conference

All-African panel on the role of tax administrations in the mobilisation of domestic revenue at CIAT Technical Conference, notably featuring two members of regional tax organisations: Duncan Onduru (CATA) & Babatunde Oladapo (WATAF)

An all-African panel on the role of tax administrations in the mobilisation of domestic revenue took place at the  CIAT Technical Conference. Duncan Onduru (CATA) and Babatunde Oladapo (WATAF) were present and shared their expertise.
The main question that was discussed was: "How to move away from doing pure tax collection and provide wider tax administration?"

Discussions revolved around letting government define their own priorities, stepping up efforts to widen the tax base, organising cross-government dialogues on taxation to secure political ownership and align objectives, and introducing ICT within the tax chain to modernise processes.

The Morocco Revenue Authority made a strong case for greater international cooperation to commonly face up to new challenges such as the prediction of future needs for services in the medium/long-run.