Network of Tax Organisations


For the period of 2018-2023, NTO members have set themselves the following objectives:

  1. Foster capacity development by organising cross-network peer learning activities, supporting staff exchanges among the secretariats of NTO member organisations, and facilitating the access to external experts. This enables NTO members to learn from one another and to provide better services to revenue administrations worldwide. 
  2. Enhance internal collaboration within its member organisations by offering joint activities and promoting knowledge sharing across revenue administrations through the provision of regionally tailored services, products and information. 
  3. Ensure the representation of its member organisations’ interests in international fora. The NTO sees itself as a global platform for tax dialogue that cooperates with relevant stakeholders in setting international tax standards and provides opportunities for exchange during NTO conferences and other events.
    Strengthen its governance structure by developing effective organisational systems, supporting the funding sustainability of the network and strengthening NTO staff capacity. This will help ensure that the NTO designs, delivers and monitors appropriate strategic initiatives over the planned period.