Tackling the challenges faced by tax administrations during and after the Covid-19 pandemic!

NTO “Tax & Covid-19 peer-learning webinar on rethinking communication strategies and relations between tax authorities and tax payers"


The Covid-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented spending pressure on the fiscus of most governments. Countries worldwide face the challenge of safeguarding revenue to finance Covid-19 response measures. Peer-learning and the exchange of good practices on the implementation of innovative tools, solutions and approaches are crucial to tackling the challenges faced by tax administrations during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Digital tools and updated communication strategies as tools to tackle the crisis

Countries worldwide take on tax policy and administrative measures to address the Covid-19 crisis and its economic consequences. In this context, the adjusting of processes and the enhancing of communication strategies and tools, to ensure that taxpayers are well informed, has become more relevant than ever before. Due to the nature of the long-term challenges brought on by the pandemic, the use of digital tools and enhanced communication strategies are identified as effective solutions in the response to the Covid-19 crisis.

To limit the spread of the virus while still pursuing revenue mobilisation targets, it is generally recommended that revenue authorities look to minimise personal contact between taxpayers and staff at tax administrations and maintain communication with taxpayers. This includes the strengthening of contactless procedures and promoting contactless taxpayer services (such as e-registration, e-filing and e-payment). Additionally, communication with taxpayers needs to be enhanced through bolstering electronic, online, and other remote platforms (such as websites, virtual assistance, specific mobile applications and call-centres). As added benefit, such measures are also much more convenient while simultaneously reducing the cost of paying taxes for taxpayers.

Peer-learning and sharing good practices

Tax administrations benefit immensely of the sharing of experiences and lessons learnt during these challenging times. On 29 April 2021, the Network of Tax Organisations (NTO) and the Exchange and Research Centre for Leaders of Tax Administrations, CREDAF, are holding a webinar on “Rethinking communication strategies and relations between tax authorities and taxpayers” to discuss the ways tax administrations can communicate effectively with tax payers and explore approaches used for revenue mobilisation and taxpayer education.

During the webinar, representatives from tax authorities of Mali, the United Kingdom and Canada will share their approaches on communication strategies and citizens’ services. For more information, please have a look at the programme. 

In case of questions, please contact secretariat@taxcompact.net or your respective tax organisation.